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Mega-Brite Metallics

Universal Color Corp., a Pantone®-approved supplier has launched our New Mega-Brite Metallics. The Mega-Brite Metallics were developed jointly between Universal Color Corp. and Megami Corp. of Japan, the world's leader in metallic formulation. Press-ready and duct-fresh, the Mega-Brite Metallics exhibit the most stable press performance and yield the most brilliant metal effect visually seen toady. These inks are available in all Pantone bases, and blends have been developed in both conventional and U.V.


Mega-Brite Inks

These new process inks produce incredibly vibrant colors not seen with conventional inks.
MEGA-BRITE inks are a four-color process series designed to be used with existing conventional curves. The idea is to produce a more bright and vibrant color not achievable with traditional four-color process inks.
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Megacure Elite
U.V. Series


The Megacure Elite U.V. Series is the most popular U.V. ink series sold today by Universal Color Corp. Press-proven on multiple high-speed commercial and package printers, the Megacure Elite Series has run with multiple-type printing presses...
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