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Highly Technical and Service-Oriented

Printing is a challenging business, and print buyers are demanding. Universal Color Corp.'s goal is to achieve the quickest solutions by the most economical means. That is why we have developed an ongoing partnership with our customers to help them solve problems, gain advantages over their competitors, and become more profitable.

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Environmentally Friendly Soy Ink

Universal Color Corp. located in Woburn, MA and Megami Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. of Japan have made it a priority to provide the printing industry with the highest quality ink that is also environmentally ink.

The environmentally sound manufacturing practices of Universal Color Corp. and Megami Ink have been recognized as utilizing the leading standards in the industry. As a result, both have been approved for ISO-14000 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems.

The "soy seal" which is approved by the American Soybean Association (ASA) is proudly displayed on Universal Color Corp. and Megami Ink products. In order to obtain the soy seal, ink must meet the following conditions: For all offset inks, soy oil needs to account for more than 20% of the gross weight. In the case of UV ink, the standard is 7% and 10% for metallic ink.

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HGM4 Process Series

One ink for ALL your printing needs!
The HGM4 series is the most popular ink on the market today! Tested against the top competition, it has outperformed all in every aspect of print quality. Approved for SWOP and G7 color management.

The HGM4 Process Series can do every job in your plant. It's the only ink you need in your inventory!

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E.G. Process Series

The E.G. series is our newest process series. Developed for higher printing strengths and hi flow, the E.G. series has been successfully tested and approved for SWOP and G7 color management.

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Mega-Brite Inks

These new process inks produce incredibly vibrant colors not seen with conventional inks.
MEGA-BRITE inks are a four-color process series designed to be used with existing conventional curves. The idea is to produce a more bright and vibrant color not achievable with traditional four-color process inks.
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Megacure Elite
U.V. Series


The Megacure Elite U.V. Series is the most popular U.V. ink series sold today by Universal Color Corp. Press-proven on multiple high-speed commercial and package printers, the Megacure Elite Series has run with multiple-type printing presses...
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